Serving your country in the military means a great many things for both those who serve and their families. For those defending our nation around the world, it often means sacrificing time with family and friends, in a job that might cost life or health. For families left back home during deployment, it means being without a spouse, parent or child, taking an incalculable toll on a family’s well-being. Often, it means financial stress as well, as one partner is left to deal with the everyday bills that keep coming.

Military children move an average of six to 12 times during their school years, according to the Military Child Education Coalition, and each of those moves can create anxiety.

Parents are becoming increasingly motivated to enroll their children in private Christian schools. This is largely due to a Christian school’s ability to foster a safe environment for religious education and spiritual growth. Because public schools are obligated to create environments that avoid emphasizing religious concepts, they simply do not offer the opportunity for students to comprehend their spirituality along with their academic studies. Therefore, numerous Christian households are developing the desire to place their children in educational settings where their values are shared among the members of the school community.

We are reaching out to our community for your support to help sponsor and help offset the tuition for a Military Child who are currently enrolled in our school.  You may contact the Principal Sister McMasters at or call 757-478-8273 for more details and questions.  If you like to pledge a monthly donation for a military child please clink the link below.  For a one time sponsorship please click the "donation" tab and (include in the messages MILSPON) or contact Sister McMasters at 757-478-8273