It's never too early to get your child ahead in their educational and spiritual endeavors! Our pre-school program is designed to meet the educational and developmental needs of younger children to get them ready to enter kindergarten. 

Using a Bible-based curriculum, we engage our young students with educational, upbeat, spiritual songs and activities to get them excited about learning shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and even some introductory reading.

The youngest years of your child's life are the most important in building a strong base for their education and spirituality.


Our pre-school programs are just the beginning!

Wouldn't you love your child to grow up in a supportive community where their particular learning styles are celebrated and appreciated throughout their education? They can have that at Lighthouse Christian Academy! After pre-school, our elementary and high school programs offer excellent opportunities for students to challenge themselves and excel in our individualized program, with the support and encouragement of our experienced faculty. 

Early education promoting future success!

• Structured curriculum

• Indoor and outdoor play facilities for Organized play

• Daily Bible lessons

• Nap time

• Great Pre-School library!

• Military discounts only for Pre-School.